Weed Management

One or two photos which explains the management of weeds in any landscape. Landscapes do not have to be in a ‘natural area’ to be considered for inclusion in this competition. Photographs, which capture the abilities of weeds that grow in unusual areas, will qualify.

Weed Identification

A group of three to five photos that clearly show the identification of a weed. Each group should be a minimum of three photos which includes one photo of entire weed, one photo of the leaf and one photo of the flower, or other distinct identifying feature of the plant.

Who may enter?

The contest is open to Conference delegates only.

Closing Date

Submissions start on the 1st June 2019 and will close on the 16th August 2019

How to Enter

Please submit your entry by email to before the closing date of 16th August 2019. Each delegate may submit up to three submissions for the contest. Photographs .jpeg, .jpg or PDF format, and no larger than 6 MB, should be submitted along with the following accompanying information:

  • Name and Address of Photographer

  • Topic – either Weed Management or Weed Identification

  • Year photo was taken

  • Botanical name and common name of species

  • Description of photo/s (including the number of photos per submission)

  • Completed and signed Photo Copyright Release Form (download here -> )

The Hunter Regional Weeds Committee on behalf of the Weed Society of NSW will be holding a photo competition for the 20th NSW Biennial Weeds Conference being held on the 26-29 August at Newcastle.


Photo competition subject topics are “Weed Management” and “Weed Identification”

2017 Winner for Weed Management  -

“Alligator Weed Inspections” Lee Amidy

Judging Panel

The judging panel will consist of the Photo Contest Committee, one judge representing the Conference organising committee, two judges from the NSW Weed Society Executive Committee and one judge that represent the weed industry.

Winner Selection

At the end of the submission period, the judging panel will review the initial submissions for eligibility. They will judge all eligible submissions on the follow criteria:

  • The subject as it relates to the subject topic (20%)

  • Picture composition (30%)

  • Light exposure and contrast with background (30%)

  • Overall appeal (20%)

2017 Winner for Weed Identification

“Frogbit” Kim Hignell 

Prize and Certificates

The winners will be announced at the Conference Dinner on Wednesday 28 August 2019. For each category, there will be a 1st place, a runner-up and five honourable mentions. Prizes will be given to the 1st place, and the runner-up photos in each category. A certificate will be offered to the five honourable mentions in each category.


Photographers will need to give permission for the Hunter Regional Weed Committee and the Weed Society of NSW to reproduce the photo for display and publication on social media, newsletters and websites. Please ensure you complete and return the Photo Copyright Release Form with your entry.

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